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Judaic Studies Principal (EC15 - 8th grade)

Judaic Studies Principal (EC15 - 8th grade)
Robert M. Beren Academy is a Modern Orthodox day school that adheres to standards of academic excellence and exemplary moral conduct as it prepares its students to become self-confident, compassionate, practicing Jews as well as committed citizens and life-long learners.
The Mission of Robert M. Beren Academy is to provide:
* An integrated Orthodox Jewish and college preparatory education in an atmosphere of excellence
* A commitment to Torah and its ethical and moral precepts and to the Jewish people
* The development of a spiritual bond with the Land and State of Israel
* The dedication to our American heritage and achievement in contemporary society

Reports to: Head of School

General description:
Robert M. Beren Academy (RMBA) is seeking an experienced, motivated and energetic Judaic Studies Principal (JSP) who is challenged by an opportunity to create and implement rigorous, innovative, and impactful models of Jewish education in a Modern Orthodox day school. The Principal must be fully committed to fostering a religiously traditional and intellectually open environment that is meaningful, appealing, and welcoming to a wide-range of Jewish families from diverse religious, educational, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
The JSP must serve as a role model for students and others in Jewish knowledge, understanding, and moral behavior. He or she will seek to gain the respect of faculty members, students, and parents through a leadership style that derives its authority from passionate and energetic commitment to the school’s mission and philosophy. The Principal will help develop, articulate and implement a vision for Jewish Studies and have a presence that will be strongly felt throughout the school as a focus for this vision. The Principal should promote both a passion for Judaism and also skill development among our students.

Major Administrative Responsibilities:

Faculty Supervisor: The Principal will be responsible for managing, supervising, and evaluating all Judaic Studies teachers (including Hebrew teachers) throughout all levels of the school. The JSP will help select and supervise the shlichim and will also help direct the b’not Sherut, who report directly to the shlichim.
Supervisory duties include regular feedback to all Judaic staff and annual reviews of all Judaic and Hebrew teaching faculty. The JSP will be expected to continually recruit new Judaic faculty to RMBA by developing relationships with teacher education programs and career referral services. When necessary, the Principal will be expected to dismiss underperforming staff in coordination with the Head of School.
The JSP will be responsible for ensuring that all Jewish Studies teachers fulfill their professional responsibilities throughout the school year (e.g. parent communication, proper posting of grades) and check out properly at the end of the year.

Jewish Studies Curriculum and Curricular Development: The JSP is charged with creating an educational vision of RMBA’s Jewish program in consultation with the Head of School. The JSP serves as Head of Jewish Studies and in this capacity is responsible for coordinating and implementing the Jewish Studies curriculum.
The JSP will be responsible for annual scheduling of Jewish Studies classes. These responsibilities include student evaluation and placement. The JSP is also charged with helping grow the school by creating pathways and programs for easy entry into the school by students with little, moderate, or advanced Jewish background.

Davening: The JSP will be responsible for coordinating all religious services at RMBA including the curricular tefillah program and all co-curricular and extra-curricular religious services. The JSP is responsible for the review, design and implementation of the curricular minyan program. This includes the design of a structure for daily prayer that will teach students practical liturgical skills, address diverse spiritual needs, and allow students to discharge their religious obligations.

Israel and Zionism: The JSP will be responsible for supporting and furthering the Zionist mission of RMBA. The JSP will work with the Hebrew Department and the shlichim to ensure that the message of Zionism is disseminated and distributed in the RMBA community.
The JSP will oversee all aspect of the school’s senior year Israel trip, with delegation to the shlichim as appropriate. The JSP will be expected to be a staff member on the school’s Israel trip. The JSP may work with the College Counseling office to promote and advise students about Gap-Year programs in Israel including Yeshiva and Seminary studies. The JSP will arrange visits from Yeshivot, Seminaries, and other study programs. The JSP is expected to be familiar with the major programs and to help advise students and parents.

Programming: The Principal is responsible for strengthening the religious and moral development of our students through various curricular, co-curricular or extra-curricular initiatives.

Shabbatonim and Retreats: The JSP will work closely with the shlichim to ensure that all religious services at Shabbatonim and other school retreats are properly staffed, and that students are properly equipped to perform or lead services.

Minor Administrative Responsibilities:

General Judaic Responsibilities: The JSP is responsible for implementing the mission of the school inside and outside the classroom. The Principal will be responsible for developing and coordinating the entire Jewish Studies curriculum and all co-curricular and extracurricular Judaic activities and programs.

Departmental Meetings: The JSP is responsible for scheduling, attending, and chairing department meetings within the Judaic Studies department.

Clergy Duties: The JSP will act as mara d’atra of RMBA. These duties may include representing RMBA at funerals, shivas, and acting as mashgiach for the RMBA kitchen, on Shabbatonim and at other events.

Co-Curricular and Exra-Curricular Religious Services: The JSP is responsible for assuring the execution and success of all religious services at RMBA.

Holiday and Special Services: The JSP will be responsible for coordinating holiday services for regular
calendrical requirements such as selichot, Rosh Chodesh, Sukkot, Chanukkah, Purim, Yom Ha’azmaut, etc. These duties will generally be carried out in conjunction with the shlichim.

Ad Hoc Religious Services: The JSP will be responsible for all ad hoc religious services such as B’nei Mitzvah, brit milah, aufruf, additional mincha services, etc. that take place occasionally at RMBA.

Responsibilities in the Houston Jewish Community: Serving as an ambassador for RMBA in the Jewish community including actively recruiting students from local synagogues and day schools.

What great leadership looks like in our school: Great leadership in our school is primarily about leading people, not initiatives and tasks. Successful leaders in our school love children, teachers, staff, parents, and lay leaders. Good leadership in our school means being part of team committed to excellence, recognizing your role in that team, and playing in that role with full commitment, even as your role shifts along with the uncertainties of school life. In addition, good leadership means setting high expectations, communicating those expectations clearly to all stakeholders, and keeping in touch with stakeholders on a regular basis to keep track of student progress based on real data. The most successful leaders in our school are highly organized, mission driven, and almost always wear a smile. They are advocates for children and politically sophisticated. They are firm, but flexible; are friendly with students, but aren’t their friends; and are warm and understanding, but not pushovers. They are life-long learners who are role models for responsible adult living and who support the mission of our school in deed and creed. They work in schools because they know it makes them the richest people in the world in the ways that really matter.

Robert M. Beren Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, color, sex, age or disability
Required skills, training, and competencies: Basic computer skills including MS Office suite (Word, Excel, and PPT) and use of web-based tools such as Google Docs; Master’s degree in education or related field; Semicha or other long-term Jewish learning; demonstrated competency and experience with teacher supervision.

Desired skills, training, and competencies: Ability to teach Jewish or general studies; prior participation in new teacher induction or other similar training; training in educational technology integration; training in differentiated instruction; demonstrated competency with curriculum design.

The kinds of supervision and support our leader can expect: Our JSP will be supported by the Head of School who will work with the Principal to establish evaluation criteria and provide regular opportunities to reflect on accomplishments, setbacks, and plans for growth.
Start Date
Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience Benefits: Competitive salary, pension plan, individual health insurance, group term life ins
Phone: (713) 723-7170
11333 Cliffwood Dr., Houston, TX 77035