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Our theme this year is 20/20 Vision. This applies to us in every aspect of our schooling including:


  • Our lives as Jews! Each morning we thank Hashem for “opening the eyes of the blind.” Most understand this as a thankfulness for being able to open our eyes and see each morning, leaving the world of sleep behind. Some also read further that we are thankful for removing our blindness to the spiritual and allowing us to see the role of Hashem in our daily lives.

  • Our new strategic plan! You gave input that allowed us to develop our new strategic plan, which will be shared soon. Our vision for the future becomes clear with this 5-year look ahead at our priorities.

  • Our technology plan! With the addition of our STEAM lab and our maker space last year, we have been poised for a great leap forward. Now with the approval of a major grant to support our technology plan, we will be looking to the future in our effective use of high-tech for educational purposes.

  • Our mission! Our mission and our parent survey together suggest our vision for the school: mentch-like graduates who have the courage to strive for excellence in every aspect of their lives. As our students move on to Israel, college, and in the years beyond, they stand as leaders in their communities based on their RMBA years.

and of course

  • This is the graduating class of 2020!

In this 51st year of our school, we look forward to partnering with you in every aspect of our journey forward. Thank you in advance for helping us see our way to an amazing 2019-2020 school year!