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To follow the precautions given by the Office of Emergency Management, it is best to keep all faculty, staff, parents, and students off of the roadways today as there are several road closings and areas under water in which many travel that would greatly impact the day-to-day operations of the school.

Thank you for understanding as we wish for all members of our community (both near and far) to be safe during this time.

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4th Grade San Antonio Trip
Date: 5/4/2016
Holocaust Exhibit
Date: 5/4/2016
Location: Beren Jefferson Bet Midrash
AP English Literature and Composition Exam
Date: 5/4/2016, 8 AM 11:30 AM
MS Student Council Meeting
Date: 5/4/2016, 12:20 PM 1 PM
Location: Library
Torah Cafe
Date: 5/4/2016, 4 PM 5 PM
Location: Beren Jefferson Beit Midrash