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Message from Head of School

Welcome to Robert M. Beren Academy!  

I am proud to enlighten you about this incredible school that was created by a group of visionary community members who identified a need for a Modern Orthodox Jewish Day school in Houston, Texas.

The South Texas Hebrew Academy was created in 1969 by a group of committed individuals with a passion for modern orthodox education. In time the school continued to develop and grow. The school moved to a bigger campus, expanded to include an early childhood, lower school, and upper school program, and was known as the Hebrew Academy. This expansion led to the need for an even bigger campus and in 2000, the school moved to an incredible state-of-the-art facility sitting on a majestic 52 acres of land in Southwest Houston and formally renamed as Robert M. Beren Academy.

As the school continues to develop and adapt, so too does its leadership. I joined RMBA as Head of School in June of 2017. I am passionate about empowering students and teachers to take ownership of their learning, and I forcefully believe in the mission of this school. 

We offer an integrated Orthodox Jewish and college preparatory education in an atmosphere of excellence. Our students are committed to Torah and its ethical and moral precepts and to the Jewish People. We are proud of our strong spiritual connection to the Land and State of Israel in addition to our dedication to our American heritage and achievement in contemporary society.

The beauty of RMBA is that we have so much to offer our students in terms of our academics, appreciation for Judaism, and extra-curricular activities. There is truly a sense that you can have it all! By taking advantage of all that we have to offer, our students excel and mature into well-rounded individuals who go on to become the best versions of themselves by fulfilling their potential. Our graduates proudly walk out of our school as upstanding individuals, committed to Torah and helping others, and wanting to further their education and careers.

The best testimony about RMBA is its graduates. When you observe the people they have become and hear from them about the impact that RMBA had in shaping who they have become, you cannot help but be moved. It is a constant source of inspiration to me

I hope you enjoy exploring our website, and welcome to our Robert M. Beren Academy family.

Dr. Paul S. Oberman
Head of School

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