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Tuition Affordability/Resources

At RMBA we believe every Jewish student deserves access to an outstanding Jewish education. 
We understand the barriers to entry are high, and that private school tuition can seem out of reach. RMBA is committed to holding your hand every step of the way. In addition to our generous Tuition Assistance program the following communal and national programs (including camp scholarships) are available to those who qualify:
Marvin Barish Right Start:
Thanks to the generosity of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston new families enrolling their first child in a Jewish Early Childhood Program for the first time are eligible for a $2,000 voucher (remitted directly to the school). These are one time vouchers, only for the first time a family is enrolling a child for the first time in a Jewish EC. Please click here to access the application. 
A few things to note:
  • Families must complete their enrollment before applying for Right Start.

  • The Jewish Federation will contact RMBA to confirm enrollment, and will reconfirm attendance within 3 months of the student's start date. Payment is then made to the school, at which point the savings are passed on to the family.

  • Families moving to Houston from another city are only eligible if their children never attended a Jewish Early Childhood program.

  • For families enrolling twins, one twin can get the full $2,000 voucher, and the other twin can get a sibling voucher of $500.

Jewish Children's Regional Service:
Offers needs based scholarships to Jewish children with disabilities as well as camp scholarships to families in the Southwest in need. Please click here for more information.
Jewish Education Initiative (JEI)
The Jewish Education Initiative (JEI) supports families who are looking to attend Jewish day school who are either coming from public school or are unable to afford private school and, as such, would be moving to a public school. JEI works with a number of organizations that provide funding for struggling families. To apply, please reach out to our area coordinator, Hodaya Afergan, by calling her directly at 216-352-9268. When you connect with Hodaya, please let her know you are either applying to RMBA or are currently attending.
Jewish Overnight Camp and Israel Semester/Gap Year Scholarships:
The Jewish Federation of Greater Houston offers needs based scholarships for Jewish overnight camp and Israel semester or gap year programs. RMBA students are eligible to apply for the 12th Grade Senior Israel Trip and future Israel trips such as their gap year in yeshiva or seminary. Click here to apply.
College Scholarships and Loans:
The Joan and Stanford Jewish Family Service of Houston offers college scholarships and loans to students in need. Please click here for additional information.
Oorah Jewish Education Assistance for Students:
Additional tuition assistance can be be applied for via Oorah. Please click here to begin the application.
Hebrew Free Loan Association Houston:
HFLA Houston offers interest-free loans to Jewish individuals and families of the greater Houston area whose needs are urgent and who do not qualify for loans through normal financial channels. Please click here to begin an application.
Rabbinical Discretionary Funds:
We understand the discomfort in going to your rabbi/synagogues for help, however, like us, they are here to partner with you and help, in the most dignified, private, and discretionary way. Ultimately, we all have the same goal of making sure Jewish children are receiving exceptional Jewish educations, not allowing finances to be a cause for exclusion. Please click here for a list of local synagogues.