Tuition Assistance

RMBA is proud of its record of Tuition Assistance, with 2.2 million dollars awarded this past year.


New Families applying for Tuition Assistance

New families may only apply for Tuition Assistance after: 
  • The students have been accepted into the school (please see Application Process
  • Completed the Online Enrollment and 
  • Submitted the tuition deposit (full refund provided if school is notified on or before June 1st) 

Returning Families applying for Tuition Assistance

Returning families may only apply for Tuition Assistance once they have completed the Online Enrollment. 

How Do I Apply for Tuition Assistance?

Complete the online Parent Locker application.  The following documents will need to be submitted to the business office by hand or via email at [email protected]:
a. Completed and signed 2023 Tax Return Form 1040 
b.  Most recent year's W2's (for both parent, if applicable)
c.  3 months of complete bank statements (most recent months)
d.  3 months of complete credit card statements (most recent months)
*If your 2023 Tax Return is not ready at time of submission, please include your 2022 Tax Return and proof of current income.


If you have questions regarding the process, you may call the business office at 713-723-7170. 

Tuition Assistance Appeals

Tuition assistance applicants may, in writing only, appeal the Tuition Assistance Committee’s decision in the event they believe the decision of the committee was in error or did not consider important information. (Please note that all appeals will be subject to the limitation of available Tuition Assistance funds.) Applicants receive one opportunity to appeal the decision by providing new information to the committee. Appeals should be submitted to the Tuition Assistance Committee within one week of the initial tuition assistance decision. The appellate decisions of the Tuition Assistance Committee are final.
Please submit your appeal to: [email protected]

Acceptance of Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance offers are valid for 10 days from the date of notification.