Affording an RMBA Education

RMBA is thrilled to share that as part of the Administration and Board of Directors' plan to pave a path to a more affordable education, tuition rates will remain locked at the current rates through the 2022-2023 school year. The Tuition Lock Guarantee Initiative allows all families to plan for the future while striving to alleviate the anxiety associated with rising tuition.
  • Students entering 6th grade and pledging to stay throughout middle school will benefit from a maximum tuition rate of $16,565 for the next three years, a savings of $5,000 per year!

  • Likewise, students entering 9th grade and pledging to stay throughout high school will benefit from a maximum tuition rate of $19,923 for the next, also a savings of $5,000 per year. In the 4th year, maximum tuition will again be $5,000 less than the published rate.
  • There is no need to re-apply for tuition assistance through the 2022-2023 school year; however if you have an additional child entering the school, or a child leaving the school for any reason (such as graduation), you will need to resubmit tuition assistance documents.

  • If you have a child transitioning from one division of the school to another, your tuition will increase at a rate commensurate with the division change and your percentage of tuition assistance, but you will NOT need to resubmit documents.
tuition lock guarantee
Tuition Schedule