Robert M. Beren Academy

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Applying to Robert M. Beren Academy

Applying to Robert M. Beren Academy

Thank you for your interest in applying to Robert M. Beren Academy. We will work with you as much as possible to determine if our school is the best fit for your child. We're here to help you through the process. Please be in touch with our Director of Admissions and Retention, Fannet Nater, with any questions.  
Fannet Nater
Director of Admission
713-723-7170 x 224
New Student Application Process

Online Application
Click HERE to submit the Online Application. There is a non-refundable $100 application fee.
Parent Meeting
New parents must meet with the General Studies Principal, Judaic Studies Principal, and the Head of School. We encourage parents to understand the mission of the school and ask any questions they may have about our goals as we enter into a partnership to educate your child.
Current immunization records must be submitted to the school nurse prior to acceptance.
Additional Student Information
Records Release Form - please complete this form allowing us to contact your child's prior school or any other professional your child has worked with for academic, social or behavioral issues.  Please see forms below.
Teacher Recommendation Form - all students must have this form completed by a previous teacher or Head of School (not required for Early Childhood students who have not previously attended school). Please see forms below.
Copies of recent report cards, standardized test scores, and other academic or personal evaluations.
All paper documents should be sent to:
Director of Admission
Robert M. Beren Academy
11333 Cliffwood Drive
Houston, TX 77035
Documents can also be scanned and emailed to
Student Observation, Interview and Testing
All prospective students meet one-on-one with at least one member of the Administrative Team. This time provides the school with a first-hand view of your child’s interpersonal skills and social-emotional development. It is also an important time for your child to ask questions and become increasingly comfortable with his or her new prospective school and the adults in our community. In most cases we also administer tests to determine where your child is academically in language arts, math, and Hebrew. We may also request that your child spend time in the classroom so that we may observe their classroom interactions with teachers and students.
Guidance and Student Resource
Some new applicants will be asked to meet with our Academic Support Specialist or one of our learning specialists. Parents will be informed if this is a requirement.
Admission to RMBA

An admissions decision will only be made after the following are complete:
  • Online application
  • Full transcripts received
  • Teacher Recommendation Forms received
  • Student meeting, testing, observation
  • Academic Support Specialist meeting (possible)
  • Resource meeting (possible)

If the Admission Committee has a concern about accepting a student, a member of the Admission Committee will contact the family prior to the decision being made. This will allow the parent an opportunity to address and discuss the concern.
The decision of the committee is final for that academic year. Applicants may re-apply the following year. A new application will be required.
Once you have received an acceptance to Robert M. Beren Academy, you will confirm your child's enrollment by completing the Online Enrollment Packet. Applications for Financial Assistance may only be made after the Online Enrollment Packet and Tuition Deposit have been submitted.