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Religious Life

חיים דתיים - Religious Life
At Robert M. Beren Academy, Judaism is not just a subject that is learned, it is an identity that is lived. Our students benefit from many different kinds of rich Jewish experiences both during and after school hours.
Each day begins with a short Halacha shiur followed by Tefilla, (prayer) during which time students connect with Hashem by praying and singing. In the Lower School, students daven with their grades. In the Upper School, students benefit from a full minyan.
Limmud Torah
Torah Learning is an essential part of living a Jewish life. Our talmidim (students) benefit not only from engaging Limudei Kodesh (Torah studies) classes, but also have the opportunity to participate in chavruta (peer) study or small chaburot (clusters) during classes and other additional learning programs such as our weekly Mishmar. A highlight of the year for students in grades 1-5 is the Annual Torah Fair. Each class chooses a theme and each student researches and prepares a presentation on a particular topic in that theme. 
Shabbat & Weekends
One feels Shabbat approaching each Friday at Robert M. Beren Academy. The smell of Challot wafts through the halls. Weekly music and story-filled Oneg Shabbat programs inspire students in each of our divisions. Students in all grades study Parashat Hashavua. ECE Shabbat parties include a Shabbat Ima and Abba, Kiddush, and candle lighting.
On multiple Saturday nights during standard time, our TPG (Torah, Pizza & Gym) program provides Lower School students and their parents an opportunity to bond through Torah study, physical activity and refreshments.
Throughout the year Robert M. Beren Academy publicizes and runs special events on Sundays such as Friendship Circle and MAD events (Making A Difference- RMBA’s Student Chesed Organization). Many students travel to Bnei Akiva and NCSY Shabbatonim and bond with Jewish students from other communities.
There is true excitement at Robert M. Beren Academy leading up to each Chag (holiday) on the Jewish calendar. As you enter the school, one is greeted by an entire wall dedicated to the holidays that take place during the present Hebrew month. Students participate in an Ulpan Maasi (practical Hebrew immersion program) in anticipation of each festival. On each day of Chanukah there is a special fun-filled program. During Chol HaMoed Sukkot, students participate in Sukkot related activities and go on trips. EC parents look forward to the annual Chanukah and Pesach performances and grades 1-5 each have a turn performing a Hebrew language play before each Chag. Each holiday is celebrated by memorable and inspiring programs.
Asei Lecha Rav
Highlights of the Upper School experience are the Middle School and High School retreats. Faculty and students go to a camp and bond in an informal setting, applying the Torah that they learn in the classroom. Singing at a Kumsitz over a late night bonfire, spending a beautiful Shabbat with teachers and friends, discussing ethical dilemmas and sharing Divrei Torah, and enjoying the beauty of nature are just some of the highlights. Robert M. Beren Academy students develop close personal kesharim (relationships) with their teachers, coming to their homes for Shabbatonim and events around the Chagi’im. By the time our students graduate they will have had countless opportunities to learn, to celebrate, to connect, and to be inspired.