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Middle school is a time of identity.  While your child is asking “who am I”, it isn’t time for the teachers to be responding “I don’t know.”  Jewish schools bring Jewish history.  We aren’t just writing and reading the book – we are the book.  Culture, ethics, belief, spirituality.  These are not simple additions to our curriculum – they are our curriculum.  We have created a double helix that spirals through our school that ultimately produces a truly fully formed ethical, informed, intelligent and well-rounded individual.  We recognize that knowledge is useless without context and this alone is the crux of identity.  “Who am I” is a question that grows from the inside and extends outward.  Robert M. Beren Academy gives a deliberate and meaningful Jewish context so your child will intelligently explore and challenge who THEY are and who they CAN be.   

Block Scheduling

Our block scheduling creates an even playing field of sorts.  Our A/B schedule is new to every student who enters our Middle School. Our teachers and administrators are consciously aware of this change and from day one work with our students to manage their time management skills.  The eighty-minute blocks encourages collaborative peer based learning and allows individualized teaching. Even more crucially, the time really lends to in depth mastery of each component. Our Advisory Explo allows regular and ample opportunities for our students to counsel with their teachers, review grades monthly, and timeline their work.

Dual Curriculum  (General Studies and Judaic)

Our Middle School dual curriculum uniquely prepares our students for Higher Education.  Both empirical and research data demonstrate that students engrossed in dual curriculum, show higher level critical thinking skills, greater language integration and overall mastery of ALL subjects. Take a look at our course offerings and ask yourself NOT “how do the kids finish what they need if their schedule is split between both emphases?”  Rather ask “why does it take other schools so much to accomplish half as much?”  
Our SPA Program is Designed to Augment Your Child's Success

At Robert M. Beren Academy we recognize that students often get lost in the shuffle. Research shows that if they lack individual attention this can impede their movement towards positive goals. Students will gain confidence and become independent because they feel they have a voice in their education and feel supported.
SPA stands for Student's Personal Advisor.  Each of our students is paired with a teacher or administrator of their choice to engage in discussions about classes, peers, extracurricular activities, and family. Advisors attend sports, drama, and other activities/events that the students participate in; and help empower students to speak to their teachers if they are struggling in classes.  Advisors communicate with the students on a 2-3 week basis on all of these facets – and more.  SPAs are not friends; SPAs are mentors available to your child as a safe place so your child knows that they are cared about as an individual.

Our On-Level and Honor Tracks Fits into Your Child's Needs

Robert M. Beren Academy offers a truly differentiated approach to your child’s education.  Immediately entering the 6th grade, children are exposed to classes that fit their academic needs.  All English courses maintain a five-point integrated focus on Grammar, Literature, Vocabulary, Composition and Outside Novels.  The implementation of the Collins writing program hones in on the critical writing skills. 
One example is the Focus Correction Areas (FCAs) which are a powerful tool to help students target areas of improvement and allow teachers to grade papers quickly and efficiently.   Focus correcting is a selective approach to grading student writing that allows students to concentrate on growth in Content, Organization, Style and Conventions.  This is a program that grows with the student and translates to all areas of study.  
Likewise with our Hebrew offerings: the courses are focused not strictly on reading, but on the true assimilation of language. In spite of our smaller size – in fact, because of it – we are able to create a schedule that doesn't pigeonhole your student. We recognize that strength in one subject doesn't always translate to strength in all subjects. We work closely with teachers and families to create a fluid placement that allows your child to succeed, grow and excel.