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Culture, ethics, belief, spirituality.  These are not simple additions to our curriculum – they are our curriculum.  We have created a double helix that spirals through our school that ultimately produces a truly fully formed ethical, informed, intelligent and well-rounded individual.  We recognize that knowledge is useless without context and this alone is the crux of identity.  “Who am I” is a question that grows from the inside and extends outward.  Robert M. Beren Academy gives a deliberate and meaningful Jewish context so your child will intelligently explore and challenge who they are and who they can be.   

Block Scheduling

Our block scheduling creates an even playing field of sorts.  Our A/B schedule is new to every student who enters our Middle School. Our teachers and administrators are consciously aware of this change and from day one work with our students to manage their time management skills.  The eighty-minute blocks encourages collaborative peer based learning and allows individualized teaching. Even more crucially, the time really lends to in depth mastery of each component. 

Dual Curriculum  (General Studies and Judaic)

Our Middle School dual curriculum uniquely prepares our students for Higher Education.  Both empirical and research data demonstrate that students engrossed in dual curriculum, show higher level critical thinking skills, greater language integration and overall mastery of all subjects.