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There is no shortage of kosher food in Houston. The supermarkets feature fresh deli, a wide variety of meats, a huge selection of kosher cheese, fresh baked breads and bakery items, salads and hot rotisserie grilled chickens which can be taken home or enjoyed at eat-in areas of the store, and wine. 
Kosher Restaurants, Bakeries and Stores

Genesis Steakhouse and Wine Bar is the first Kosher steakhouse not only in Houston, but in the entire Southwestern United States. Genesis offers gourmet fine dining located in the heart of Meyerland and is a local favorite for many. 
Kroger supermarket has a kosher section including meats, poultry, and dairy along with a wide selection of packaged items.  
New York Bagel Shop (only the bagel shop is Kosher; the adjoining restaurant is not) features old-fashioned bagels, pastries, and Challah baked right on the premises.
Laykie's Gourmet Cafe at the J, located in the JCC: Serving American cuisine, soups, salads and sandwiches.
Randalls Meyerland supermarket has an eat-in area where you can enjoy freshly prepared deli sandwiches and salads, or a roasted rotisserie chicken, as well as freshly fried chicken right out of the deep fryer, egg rolls, fries, onion rings and burgers. Randalls also offers fresh Kosher sushi made on the premises. Their in-store bakery is Pas Yisrael.
Green Vegetarian Cuisine serve's delicious and affordable kosher and vegetarian comfort food to a diverse community of customers. 
Saba’s Pizza restaurant features fresh baked pizzas, falafel, sandwiches, Mediterranean salads, lasagna, and other dairy dishes. They also offer sushi made daily with fresh fish.
Saba’s Grill and Wok restaurant features Mediterranean grill options such as burgers, steaks, and shawarma as well as Asian wok dishes such as Szechuan noodles, Beef and Broccoli, and General Tzao Chicken.
Dino's restaurant features Mediterranean grill options such as burgers, steaks, and shawarma.
My-Pita Bakery and Deli, located on Hillcroft near S. Braeswood, specializes in fresh pita and other baked goods and food items. This is a Pareve, Shomer Shabbos and Pas Yisrael bakery.
Costco offers dozens of kosher products, including chicken, cheese, frozen meals and much more!
Belden's supermarket has an on-site kosher butcher and carries many kosher and Israeli products.
Kansas City Kosher Coop - order in bulk and save money! This online shopping site offers truck delivery to Houston.