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Tuition Assistance FAQs

Tuition Assistance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. What happens if I miss the Tuition Assistance deadline?

One may still apply, but there may be limited money to award. There is also no time frame for the decision.

2. Is there Tuition Assistance for the Learning Specialist or Resource Room?

There is Tuition Assistance available for these special educational services. Once your principal has informed you that your child requires special educational services you should meet with the Business Manager to discuss paying for the services.

3. How does a family know if they qualify for Tuition Assistance?

If a family thinks they will need Tuition Assistance, they should apply after being accepted into the school and completing enrollment. Providing firm guidelines to help a family decide whether to apply for Tuition Assistance is difficult, because each family's combination of circumstances is different. Awards are based on many different factors, including family income, assets, and extended-family support.

4. Who sees the Tuition Assistance information that we submit?

The Tuition Assistance Committee processes all applications with the utmost respect for the privacy of each family making an application. All information submitted is confidential.

5. Who do I contact if I have further questions?

To determine if your application has been received, please contact the Robert M. Beren Academy Business Office, 713-723-7170.
To directly contact the tuition assistance committee, please email