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Early Childhood Education

Goals and Objectives

We are passionate about helping our young children grow and learn by providing a nurturing environment that encourages them to actively explore and interact with their surroundings as they develop socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, creatively and spiritually.  We maintain small group sizes, ideal adult-child ratios and ensure safe physical settings. Our staff is loving, attentive and responsive to the needs of each child. We believe in providing the best possible teachers and caregivers for your child while always securing their health and safety. We strive to provide a meaningful Judaic backdrop that encompasses the celebration of Shabbat and chaggim (holidays), the immersion of Ivrit (Hebrew), and the love of Limudei Kodesh (Judaic studies). At Robert M. Beren Academy, a love for being Jewish and a knowledge of tradition is paramount to our success.
In addition we are also privileged to offer to all of our age groups:
  • Weekly STEAM classes in our STEAM Lab
  • Weekly art instruction in our Art Studio
  • Weekly Movement and Music
  • Optional extracurricular activities including ballet, chess, cooking, and sports 
Early Childhood Curriculum

Math and Literacy
Our teachers prepare lessons that introduce concepts of reading, writing and math. Pre-reading strategies such as letter identification and sounds, math skills such as counting, number identification, sorting, and fine motor activities offer crucial building blocks to your child’s educational development in preparation for lower school. Dynamic learning centers are implemented daily and rotate according to the week’s theme. Teachers read and discuss picture books and present lessons that include learning about middot (values), family, community, and nature. 
Limudei Kodesh (Judaic Learning)
The pillar of our curriculum is our Limudei Kodesh.  The values of Orthodox Judaism, along with the practices and traditions, imbue the school day.  Children are immersed in songs, stories, holidays and celebrations.  They practice middot (values) such as giving, friendship, and patience. We also celebrate Shabbat every Friday with our children enjoying the celebration of serving as Shabbat Abas (dads) and Imas (moms) in each of our classrooms and welcome our families to join us in our weekly Oneg Shabbat.    
Creative Arts and Music
Children are encouraged to express themselves artistically through art and music. Our early childhood curriculum is designed around daily art activities that encompass exploratory and sensory arts. Music is a vital component in our daily program, and your children’s experiences are constantly enhanced with the use of musical instruments and song.  
Creative Play and Movement
At Robert M. Beren Academy we recognize that movement is one of the most important parts of a young child's day. We offer a large outdoor play area and the gymnasium for indoor play and physical activity. Moving bodies mean growing minds. Our play areas engage the children in regular imaginative play; a tool used to also develop social interactions, sharing, and leadership. These activities take place on our expansive 52 acre campus.
Parent School Relationship
We believe that a strong partnership with parents is beneficial to the overall success of the child. Parent orientation evenings, parent teacher conferences, weekly newsletters, photo apps, and notes with updates taken home daily (in our Toddler and ECE2 classrooms) are utilized to ensure this close alliance is successful. Your child’s teacher is readily available via email or phone and will periodically contact through these channels to share updates about your child.  Our doors are always open and we welcome your input and involvement.