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The Beren Bagel is the official student newspaper of Robert M. Beren Academy. Launched in 2019 by sixth-grader Ami Gelman who serves as the paper's editor in chief, the Bagel publishes new print issues every three-to-four weeks, while also updating its own newsite, which launched in 2020. The Bagel's primary contributors are middle school students enrolled in the middle school journalism elective, though RMBA lower school and high school students also are invited to contribute content, as well. 100-percent-student-run, the Bagel focuses its attention on hyper-local news, while also reporting on off-campus news events and trends that garner attention from Beren's student body. The Beren Bagel offers staff members the opportunity to develop their writing and researching skills, digital photography and post-processing skills, in addition to graphic design and desktop publishing. 
We hope you enjoy browsing through previous issues below:
Issue 1, Volume 1 (not available online)